Meet my family

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

We are blessed to enjoy this life and learn from life's little moments.

Welcome to the world of the Hughes household. There aren't to many days that are the same as any parent can attest too. We experience an emotional rollercoaster from sun up to sun down, but we wouldn't have it any other way. When you are raising little people with different personalities it can wear on you. In the Hughes household if you can make it to bedtime, you will be okay, go to sleep and worry about it the next day.

“As my beautiful wife would say, ignore the chaos, they are happy and healthy."

We belong to the millennial generation and we are doing some things different. Our children will grow up in a world that was very much different from ours. My wife Deanna, is devoted mother, business owner, author, and manager. Our children ranging from 7 to 1 years old, keep up busy and on our toes. The oldest is the life of the party, the middle is her way or the highway, and the youngest is a thrill seeker while grabbing the nearest adult to refill his juice cup. What can I say? Some days you have to sit back and laugh about what just happened as any parent can tell you. What did I get myself into?...

My family is what drives me to be a better each and everyday despite how I might feel about the day or the world. When I come home and see their faces, I often time forget my worries for a brief moment.

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