Education Plan

Updated: Feb 24

We need a plan to make sure we are preparing the best and brightest for the future ahead.

We need mandatory Pre-K in each and every county. VPK is not enough. The phrase pay now or later is ever more prevalent in K-12 education. According to the office of the State Superintendent of Education in the District of Columbia," Another study involving five states: Michigan, New Jersey, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and West Virginia found that children in state pre-K scored 31 percent higher on vocabulary tests and 44 percent higher on math tests than those of non-participants. These gains placed pre-K children three to four months ahead of non-participants. The greatest gains occurred in print awareness, where children participating in pre-K had an 85 percent increase, which suggests these outcomes strongly predict later reading success."

"Is stem the future?

The engagement of U.S. children in STEM education is the key to companies filling an estimated 9 million jobs in the industry by 2022. With the increased prevalence of STEM careers, it's up to educators and administrators to ensure their students are college and career ready.

Under my plan we will work with the best and the brightest, to understand and develop our pre-kindergarten programs statewide. Just think of it like a home. You need a solid foundation. pre-k through 3rd is where that educational foundation is laid. We must build it right from the very first steps, not just allow the building to be erected and try to patch up any mistakes at a later point. It is like the old saying, "it is better to measure twice and cut once."

Imagine the new heights Kindergarten teachers can reach with their students, if a foundation has been laid.

We use standardized test to measure and hold our educators accountable. Who is holding the lawmakers that created these accountability measure accountable. All children aren't the same, so how can we hold all educators to the same standards. Yes, we have expectations, but we also need to understand as to which the those expectations are to be met under less desirable conditions.

Last but not least, we will stop the purge of public funds being used for private education. The only circumstance where this would even be acceptable is if the school district in which you live didn't provide the services in which that child needs to have a fundamental education.

I look forward to hear your thoughts and opinion on the state of public education system here in the State of Florida.

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