I, Frank J Hughes, Jr. come from a simple, humble background. I was born into a working class family. My parents both come from small rural towns. My parents met in the military, and both served in the Army. Yes, I was born on a military base, maybe you have heard of this one, Fort Hood in Texas.

I spent my childhood between two states, Florida and Georgia. I then returned to Florida to complete my undergraduate degree in Business Administration. I found the love of my life in Georgia, but I had to get back to Florida.  After undergrad, I spent time in operations at UPS as a supervisor, while working on my educator certification.

I am happily married to my beautiful wife and we now have 3 lovely children 2 daughters and 1 son (he is my namesake). Much like any parent, I want a better life for them and it is on me to help facilitate that better life. I know the burden and questions that everyday parents face.

As an educator, you enjoy the ebbs and flows of the occupation. As experience has taught me in this occupation, rarely are 2 days ever the same, much like parenting. The gift to help educate and shape young minds make the future that much brighter and exciting for what is to come. As I serve as an educator in the capital city Tallahassee, being in the midst of all the action has ignited a desire to not only just live a life of service to education, but of service to all people in the state of Florida.

As a political candidate, you will be empowering a man with conviction. A man with hope for a better tomorrow. A man whose intent is to serve the people. I am not running for dreams of a large political career. I will be the leadership that the people can count on when you are looking for hope. I will serve all of Florida with a purpose, and a mindset that we can achieve more together. If you wish to know more about me stay tuned, because I am just getting started, and I welcome you to join me.

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Equality Meets Opportunity

Is to see that all , not some Floridians can achieve a way of life that is suitable and continues to enhance the betterment of Florida. This will be attained by putting service before self in a world that is ever changing. We will strive to ensure that the next steps we take creates a smoother path for the next generation.